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My Journal

We all have to start somewhere, doesn’t matter what it is we do, and every start is the beginning of a process that we can never predict. I am writing about how I started photography, the initial inspiration and encouragement by my friend George, and the on-going learning process, by just doing.



















A new perspective

The history of architecture teaches us that every generation of architects have made left their mark on the cities of the world.  When I studied interior design, I came to learn more about the different eras in design and architecture and became more aware of how the different eras had an influence on one another.  It also became clear how designers and architects were inspired by looking at designs and architecture of the past and therefore could create something new. Even though I understand that change is inevitable, and new buildings are designed and built all the time, I always thought that the area around old historical architecture should be preserved. I always thought that a new modern structure next to an historical building took something away from both styles of architecture.


I use be quite outspoken about this way of city planning until one day, while walking through the streets of Vienna, I managed to capture a photograph that change my perception and opinion completely.  It was late afternoon and I was walking in a very crowded part of the city near Stephansdom.  Although I have walked this way many times before, on that specific day I looked up and saw the most incredible reflection.  In the glass of a modern architectural style building, was the reflection of the historical buildings surrounding it.  It suddenly changed the whole appearance of the building and it made me wonder if it was built with this idea in mind, that it was modern, yet stayed sympathetic to historical grandeur, and stood in honour of the historical styles.


Whatever the intention or not, this was the idea that I had.  It was my interpretation. Maybe it could be because of my interest in architecture or the fact that I am doing photography of maybe a combination of both.  This is how we capture photographs as well.  How we see things and what we want to show.  I believe that it’s important that whatever the art form, that we stay true to who we are and what we are inspired to show.  I would hope that, what I capture in a photograph could also be interpreted by somebody, by how they see it and what they see.  Because the fact that social media gives us access to photography that we might have never seen before it is so easy to get pulled into a stream or trend.  It’s so easy to get pressured by the amount of likes and following that the element of staying individual might get lost. Photographs can’t be judged by the amount of likes on social media. It should not be about what the world wants to see, but rather about what the photographer would like to show.


Just as photographers, architects, designer and all other artists create and show their individual style, should the viewer stay individual in their interpretation of art in all it’s forms.  It is good to like and dislike something and it is wonderful to suddenly become aware of beauty when it is seen in a new perspective.  Watch closely, it is not always things that change, but rather our perception of things that change.

“Most new ideas come to us not through pure logic,

but through a fusion of memory and imagination”

Kilroy Joldster