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"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment"

Ralph Waldo Emerson 

My interest in photography started already as a young girl growing up in South Africa. At the age of 12 my parents bought me my first camera, a Kodak instamatic. Before this, I borrowed my aunt’s camera to do a “photoshoot” with my youngest sister and her friend as my “models”. Since then I had different cameras and photography was always something I enjoyed. I am therefor a self taught photographer who is still learning from every photograph I take and from every person or object I photograph.

My interest and aim is to take photographs that would tell a story and be true pictures. I would like to think that a photograph should not just be relevant at the time it is shot, but also years from now. A photograph should make sense to be timeless.

Apart from portrait photography, I love to do street photography and capture couples in love, especially when they are holding hands. (I am “in love with love”.)

One of the highlights since starting photography was my first ever industrial photoshoot for Lucoma, an engineering company in Switzerland. An unforgettable experience that gave me a new perspective on the creative process of photography.

We live in a wonderful time of the digital camera, where it is so much easier to experiment with photography and capture moments in an instant. Maybe there is nothing that has not been photographed, but still I find it great that we show in pictures how we see the world and it’s beautiful people.

Colour, contrast, lines and texture are some of the style elements that fascinate me. I have developed a keen interest in all aspects of colour and especially the importance of colour in non-verbal communication.

I was born in South Africa, lived in England for many years, but now call Vienna, Austria home. I live in this beautiful city and embrace the stunning architecture and all the traditions that surround it. I have a great love for Apfelstrudel and the wonderful atmosphere of the traditional coffee houses of Vienna

I am inviting you to read more about the stories of my pictures in my Journal.

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Petra Style and Design

He Touched My Soul Long Before I Knew What His Hands Felt Like.

Nikki Rowe