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We all have to start somewhere, doesn’t matter what it is we do, and every start is the beginning of a process that we can never predict. I am writing about how I started photography, the initial inspiration and encouragement by my friend George, and the on-going learning process, by just doing.



















Timeless and elegant jewellery design

“For within beauty lies the promise of and key to happiness.”

 – Talar Mazbanian

Although if have already written about the photoshoot for Hila Fahima, I thought it would be a good idea to devote a blog post to the jewellery from Mazbani Fine Jewellery that Hila wore for her photoshoot.  These exquisite pieces were all designed by Talar Mazbanian.

Talar wrote:

Photography: Talar Mazbanian

Photography: Talar Mazbanian

“Behind each and every one of our jewellery pieces lies a story spanning from the very beginnings of the piece’s inspiration all the way to its realisation as a splendid work of art.  We take pride in the elegant and vibrant creation of our hand-made masterpieces, which combine a delicate and beautiful balance of elegance, perfection and the excellence of craftsmanship.

We truly believe that there is no greater joy than the moment when your vision meets our creativity and a timeless piece of art is born; a piece of jewellery that will be passed down from generation to generation, writing its own, everlasting history."

Gemstones have their own story to tell and I love the fact that each stone has a meaning or a myth attached to it. Just a few thoughts about the stones:


The ruby encloses the brilliant red of the clouds of evening...

~Charles Blanc

Petra Style and Design



Like no other gemstone in the world, the Ruby was, for thousands of years, considered the stone of love, energy, power and passion. Any jewellery that carries a Ruby signifies passion and love between two people.

The Ruby is one of the most valuable precious gemstones in nature and extremely rare. The colour may vary from brownish red to light red, almost the colour of ripe raspberries.  Colour is the most important attribute of the Ruby, but another beautiful characteristic is its transparency. The brightness is stimulated by light, which enhances the colour.  This brilliant stone has excellent hardness second only to a diamond. Inclusions within a ruby are like fingerprints, proving its authenticity and revealing the beauty and the individuality of each stone.

Petra Style and Design
Petra Style and Design

Hila  is wearing:

18k rosegold necklace with white diamonds (7.62c.t) and rubies (12c.t)

18k rosegold pendant with white diamonds (2.80c.t) and rubies (1.70c.t)

18k rosegold ring with white diamonds (0.85c.t) and rubies (1.35c.t)

18k rosegold earring with white diamonds (4.11c.t)



The aquamarine... has the glassy tint of the waves of the sea.

~Charles Blanc

Petra Style and Design


The word “aquamarine” comes from the Latin word for seawater and it is because of the beautiful seawater colour that it was given this name. In the 19th century, sea green varieties of the stone were popular but today the colour tends to blue. It is the iron content that gives this blue/green colour and depending on which angle you look at it, an aquamarine may look colourless, a pleachroic effect.

Many myths and legends about the aquamarine stone exists.  A Roman legend suggested that the atmosphere of young love is absorbed by the stone and then when it was blessed and worn it would join in love and do great things. 



Hila is wearing:

Petra Style and Design

18k white gold collier with white diamonds (7.92c.t) and aquamarine (50.30c.t)

18k white gold earring with white diamonds (2.07c.t) and aquamarine (9.05c.t)

18k white gold ring with white diamonds (2c.t)


Kunzite's beauty is apparent in both its natural crystal and faceted forms.

- Robert Weldon

Petra Style and Design

The relatively young gemstone, Kunzite, has only been known for a little more than a hundred years. Kunzite is named after US mineralogist G.F. Kunz in 1902. 

This beautiful gemstone has a glassy transparency with the colours from pale pink to a light violet, or sometimes even colourless, depending on the angle in which it is viewed. It gets these range of beautiful, seductive and feminine colours from the presence of Manganese.  Cutting of this stone is extremely difficult due to the perfect cleavage.  Kunzite is often found in larger sizes and a faceted 880 carat heart-shaped example can be found at the Smithsonian Institution. 

It is said that Kunzite awakens the heart centre and fosters unconditional love by producing loving thoughts and communication.  The highly energetic vibration initiates the flow of love through the heart.

Petra Style and Design

Hila is wearing:

18k white gold ring with diamonds 1.85c.t and kunzite (43.48c.t)

18k white gold earring with diamonds 3.95c.t and kunzite (60,36c.t)

Petra Style and Design

About Mazbani

George Mazbanian started his career as a goldsmith already at a young age.  His profession is his passion and so he decided to start his own company in 1998 and created and designed his own brand Mazbani. 

It was not long after that their talented daughter became involved in the company and since then Talar Mazbanian has been responsible for the implementation of their bespoke designs. She did her training as a 3D Jewellery Designer and by designing jewellery with this method it proves that they are a forward-thinking jewellery production company. George Mazbanian is still leading the manufacturing part of his business. From the first welcome greeting by Seta Masbanian, the wonderful teamwork can be felt the moment you enter the shop at Führichgasse 4, in the first district of Vienna. It is such a great pleasure to got to know more about this family business in the heart of Vienna and a privilege to have worked Talar Mazbanian on a few occasions.  

Photography: Talar Mazbanian

Photography: Talar Mazbanian

Petra Style and Design

Many thanks to:

Photographer: Lizelle de Wit photography

Dresses: Solomia Bridal and Eveningwear

Hair and Make-up: Romina Mereu

Jewellery: Mazbani Fine Jewellery

Venue: Hotel Bristol, Prince of Wales Suite

Photoshoot stylist: Petra Style and Design