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We all have to start somewhere, doesn’t matter what it is we do, and every start is the beginning of a process that we can never predict. I am writing about how I started photography, the initial inspiration and encouragement by my friend George, and the on-going learning process, by just doing.



















Photoshoot for Denys

From my first meeting with the talented Principal dancer of the Vienna State Ballet, Denys Cherevychko, I could see that he understood the importance of a styled photoshoot as well as the benefits of having a visual website to show his portfolio as an artist.


The next step was to find the right photographer who would be able to capture his style as a dancer and showing  his personality as well.  I wanted to have a very stripped back shoot so the focus would be purely on Denys.  No gimmicks, no intricate or dark backgrounds, just something neutral that doesn’t take any attention away from the dancer.

I was very happy when I met with the photographer Colin Vickers who clearly understood what I was aiming for.  Colin is known for his wonderful nude portraits and that made me think that he would be able to capture the beautiful lines of the body of a ballet dancer. 

To add something interesting and a bit of drama to the images, I asked a makeup artist to do some body  painting on Denys.  Only half of his face and upper body in colours blues, turquoise, yellow and hints of red.  This added something interesting to the images where the dancer wore neutral colours in front of a neutral background.  

The very relaxed atmosphere in the studio with Colin behind the camera and Denys in front of the lens resulted in a photoshoot with the most beautiful images.  Too many to choose from and one as beautiful as the other. 

“Patience is the essence of clicking great Photographs!!” 
― Abhijeet Sawant

Colin, Petra, Denys and his sister, Maryna.  
A big thank you to the lovely Colin Vickers for doing this photoshoot. 

I look forward to sharing more of the wonderful images on my blog!

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