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My Journal

We all have to start somewhere, doesn’t matter what it is we do, and every start is the beginning of a process that we can never predict. I am writing about how I started photography, the initial inspiration and encouragement by my friend George, and the on-going learning process, by just doing.



















The Lotus Flower

“The Lotus Is The Most Beautiful Flower, Whose Petals Open One By One. But It Will Only Grow In The Mud. In Order To Grow And Gain Wisdom, First, You Must Have The Mud......"      Goldie Hawn

It comes from being in the mud that I realised what I really wanted to do and how I could start a business doing what I love.  Maybe we sometimes need to have a little push in the right direction to get us doing what we should be doing.

During the time I worked as a wedding stylist and planner in England, I discovered how much I enjoyed the creative process of styling a photoshoot and how wonderful it is to work as part of a creative team to achieve the best results. It is all about the chemistry between stylist, photographer and the person being photographed to be able to achieve the most natural and true images

Photographer  Lizelle de Wit

Photographer Lizelle de Wit

My main aim with styling photoshoots for artists and professionals is to show off personality and personal style through the photography.  I have great admiration for the art of photography and also see photographers as artists themselves, but for me, the focus must be the person on the other side of the lens and how they would like to be seen. 

Follow me to read about the thoughts behind the idea of the styling and also meet wonderful photographers, artists, professionals and make-up artists I am working with.